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In order to share with international readers a little bit of Italy,  we have decided to sum up what has been going around here in the last few weeks.  Politics, Businnes, Culture and Italian Lifestyle  written and explained by our talented writers.


Talking about politics in Italy, we are happy to share with you the Sabina Guzzanti’s thoughts about the next Mayor’s race in Rome, in particular about the candidate for the Ms5 party, Virginia Raggi.

After Ignazio Marino’s resignation, Rome is looking for its new Mayor.
Several candidates are running for this role, but when it comes to politics, Italian parties’ don’t collaborate.
Apparently, Virginia Raggi interned with Previti (Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyer), grazed the Mafia Capitale’s facts and  was involved with Gianni Alemanno.
An internship isn’t anything bad, but Virginia Raggi interned with the wrong person and possibly being in the wrong place: she’s running for a party which is not a party at all, which prefers to be called a “Movement”, and which was born to fight against all the corruption, the scandals, the bad attitudes of the Italian Government in general.

That’s why Previti’s law practice seemed to the media and to the press the worst choice that Raggi could have ever made.
But Sabina Guzzanti doesn’t agree.

Her opinion is clear: why argue about Virginia Raggis’s involvment with Previti and accuse her of being involved with Mafia Capitale, instead of focusing on all the illegal things in which all the other candidates are involved with?
Giorgia Meloni, running for the right – winged party  “Fratelli d’Italia” comes from Gianni Alemanno’s same party.
Giachetti,  from “Partito Democratico”, according to Sabina Guzzanti,  is deeply involved with Mafia Capitale,  a series of scandals and episodes of corruption in which a big part of Rome’s leaders have been accused being part of.

Virginia Raggi

Sabina Guzzanti asked herself about the necessity of defying Virginia Raggi “impure”, whilst the other candidates are even worse.
Is there any point in accusing Raggi of such crimes and involvment whilst, talking about politics, when we are used to hearing worse things?
We don’t know if Virginia Raggi is a right- winged  party sympathiser, but nowadays in Italy, who’s isn’t?
The ugly truth is that Italians are forced to choose among 50 shades of black.
We, and Sabina Guzzanti, hope this won’t take so long. (source)

While some women are running for the elections, some others are showing their beautiful and almost-naked body to millions of tv viewers. This is what happens every friday night in Italy, where the programme “Ciao Darwin” enojoys very high viewing figures.

One of our writers, the young and clever Marco Bruno, has decided to discover why the tv show, which consists of several games and two teams contending for a final prize, is still so popular even if it has never changed its format since the first time on air in 1998.

The answer is both simple and discouraging: the naked bodies of the dancers, of “Madre Natura’s” moves, and the simplicity of Italians who have been wishing to watch exactly the same programme for 18 long years.

Also, the Tv anchor Paolo Bonolis, plays his smart part in the programme.

Vanessa Romani, a young philosophy’s student, has decided to write about some worrying  news related to an important investigation.

This happened in Reggio Calabria, where the police has investigated some suspicious interceptions between two doctors talking about some tampered medical records. For years newborn babies and their mothers have suffered from the terrible damage caused by these doctors to their health. For years no one has been punished for having seriously undermined harmless people in the delivery room.

We have no words enough to describe how shameful such facts are.

The presumed oil well

Talking about shame, Francesco Massetti, phd in History, has described for us a paradoxical situation happened in Tuscany.

While Italy was suffering from a terrible conservationist fever, Lorenzo Maracineschi and David Rossi decided to exploit the situation in order to donate Italian tv viewers the best example of misinformation.

They filmed a presumed oil well situated next to the bathhouses of the cost, causing (as it looked like) a serious environmental damage.

But the whole thing was a false alarm: the substances that in the video smelled and looked exactly like oil, were nothing more than something used to fix the natural environment of the beach.

But Italy is not only the place where people panic for false alarms. Italy is also a Country where people believe in important values like generosity and humanity. A place where Brunello Cucinelli, businnes man, also known as “The King of Chachemiregives extra bonus to people who work in his activity, in order to facilitate their participation to cultural and artistic activities.

Thanks to our lovely Serena Mangani, for having shared with us this beautiful, hopeful story.





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