What happens if Sofia Loren goes to Naples?


Why Sofia Loren was in Naples? Why Naples was rented by D&G? Why do we use the wrong words to describe violence? What is Pokémon Go? Discover it by the most read articles of the week.

Sofia Loren, a swing by the house. By Rosario Lubrano

Sofia Villani Scicolone, also known as Sofia Loren is a worldwide famous movie star, a real Diva, a myth.  Saturday, July 9th, thanks to the D&G event organized in Naples, in which Sofia occupied a seat of honour with her son Carlo Ponti jr and her nephew, she came back to her birthplace: Pozzuoli.

She has silently visited the entire Flegrean city and has showed her nephew all the places of her childhood. She stopped by the Solfatara volcano, with its geysers and its sulphurous fumes. Then she led to the Flavio’s amphitheatre before arriving in Via Solfatara in front of the house where she was born and raised.

Later she visited the Serapide’s Temple in the historical centre of the city.

She was a myth in the myth’s land.

When she arrived in Naples, the city shared its emotion with Sofia: people looked out the windows to great the actress and to show her how much they love her.

A requited love, indeed.

Sofia declared her love to Naples, and her link with Pozzuoli is a very close one.

“There’s an image of the Virgin Mary in my grandma’s house. As young girls, we attached this image some magic powers. I was desperate when, during the Second World War, a blaze burned it.

She had to share all of these memories with the people she loves.

Dolce & Gabbana: a very expensive gift. By Laura Maiellaro

Why Sofia Loren was in Naples?


Because she had to celebrate the 30th year of activity of D&G.  Between the 7th and 10th July, the city was closed to the public and every road of the historical centre became the set for a lot of events organized by the Maison.

Models and common people (but only those who were allowed to cross the boundaries of the city) mixed to give the city an international visibility.

This is the reason why the city council gave permission to D&G to rent an entire city.

On the other hand, the Maison did not pay for public security and for the cleaning of the town after the event, but it donate to Naples almost 75.000 euros to rent the Decumani area and Castel dell’Ovo.

We all know that Naples is a very friendly city, but is it right or wrong occupying it for a private interest?

The author of the article showed her perplexity and presumes that what will remain of the event, won’t be the publicity to the town, but the glamour of the Maison and its vips.


They tortured a dog and posted the video on the internet; do not call it “prank”. By Gaia Santolla

A few weeks ago in Sangineto, a small village on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Calabria, four boys tortured a big stray dog, hanged it by the neck and hit it on its head repeatedly. Then they left the dog to its painful death.

Apparently, these boys had the urgency to revenge the murder of some sheep.

What is even sadder is the fact that they filmed all the violence and posted it on the internet.

The boys have been easily identified by the police, which had left them free, instead of applying what the Penal Code reserves to this kind of crimes.

Immediately an online-petition has been organized in order to ask that justice will punish those who are responsible for these outrageous facts.

On the other hand, someone on the internet commented that there was too much ado for nothing and that what happened was nothing more than a prank.

A prank?

The term “prank” was also used to describe a gang rape in Salerno and this is simply unacceptable.

Violence cannot be justified and “prank” is too easily used to reduce the importance of something extremely serious, even if the crimes are incomparable.

What they have in common is the fact that violent people have killed and raped someone, is the sense of possession and omnipotence that makes people mad.

This is not a prank. This is a murder and a rape.

We should start to call things with their name, in order to have a better society to live in and to give to serious things the importance they deserve.


Do they really beaten the Trans? By Andrea Umbrello

Still talking about violence, we can refer to something happened in Rome a week ago.


Apparently, a Transgender has been beaten by some guys in the night and the photos of what happened have been posted on Facebook.

Still we can feel disgusted by both the violence and the comments that Facebook users have written about the fact.

People congratulating with those who beat the girl, people having fun of it.

It is very worrying  that young guys, who should be educated to respect what is different and who should not sex-discriminate, preferred to beat and to post their “victory” on the social media.

We called the Arcigay and the Gay Centre of Rome, but they still weren’t sure of what really happened.

Authorities didn’t report anything and nothing is clear about the entire matter.

We think that police should investigate the facts in order to avoid that something apparently real could influence people and instigate guys to hate and violence.


Pokémon Go avaliable for Android. By Robert Stefan

As announced by the E3, the new Nintendo Game will be launched this year. The virtual game, which mixes reality with a virtual fantasy, is born by the collaboration between Google, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company.

You can play with it simply by the GPS of your smartphone. The road you’re going to follow, will appear to you crowded by virtual wild Pokémon. You can catch them and then you can challenge your friends in battles. Museums and other public places of interests, will be an occasion to buy pocket balls and medicinals for your Pokémon.

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